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    International visitors of Expo Milano 2015

    This universal Exhibition was an opportunity to develop and promote the hosting nation, especially its commercial and artisan enterprises which provides services that gain visibility and work up on new business opportunities.

    20 million visitors during 6 months Expo, with an average of 160 thousand visitors per day.

    6 million international visitors, including about 4.5 million international tourists that will take part in Expo during their stay and about 1.5 million visitors arriving in Italy just for the Expo;

    147 countries representing 80% of the world’s population.

    24.7 billion euros of additional production with an increase in added value estimated at 10.5 billion euros.

    Visitors who will be in Italy during the exposition will be faced with different needs, including the need to interact with each other, learn about the city and visit points of interest.

    Thanks to the development of new technologies, consumption and the ways services are used have changed dramatically. The evolution of the Internet has produced users with a particular interest in localized topics and contents, changing the approach to the web and the desire to seek opportunities for sharing with their own group, even outside their country of origin.

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