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    Extra Milano®.
    Cultural events and business initiatives dedicated to not Italian citizens and to international visitors.

    Extra Milano® is an approaching strategy, composed of events, initiatives and activities, aimed at joining the exhibiting countries protagonist with the whole city population, including all ethnic groups.
    It consists of two communication tools designed to contextualize information and services on the basis of the Italian territory and initiatives, customize our contents according to the user characteristics (language / interest) and to connect people who share interests and nationality, and which are located in the same place and at the same time, already from today.

    The Extra Milano® project was then directed to involve two main targets: not italian citizens and international visitors.

    Through careful analysis, Duezerodue identified their needs, also highlighting opportunities for companies and exhibitors, in terms of services that can be delivered to the target. The result was the creation of a meeting point between the citizens and then a value for the international populations and Italian companies.

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