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    Legal Notice

    Notes for users of this site

    1. Access to the site
    Duezerodue S.r.l. want to provide below some information on the consultation website, accessible by internet starting from www.extra.milano.it. The user of this website acknowledges that you have the skills and resources necessary to access and use the site. Duezerodue S.r.l. shall in no event be liable for any damage caused by the environment of the user and technical, in particular, from its computers, software, network equipment and any other equipment used to access and use the service and / or information. It should be noted that to enter or settle fraudulently in a computer system, to hinder or distort the functioning of that system and introduce or modify fraudulently the data in a computer system constitutes a crime punishable by criminal sanction. Access to the site is free. The costs of accessing and using the telecommunications network shall be borne by the customer, according to the rules laid down by its access providers and telecommunications operators.

    2. Intellectual Property
    Duezerodue S.r.l. owns the rights to all the elements that make up this site and in particular data, drawings, graphics, photos, and sound recordings. The reproduction, representation, diffusion or broadcast, in whole or in part of the contents of this website, with any type of procedure, without the express prior authorization of Duezerodue Srl It is subject to the possibility of storing of content on your computer or print copies of pages of the site for personal use only. The trademarks and logos that appear on this site, together with the site itself, are registered trademarks and are protected by copyright. It is prohibited any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos, carried out starting from the information contained in this site without express authorization Duezerodue S.r.l. or his successors in title.

    3. Responsibility
    The website and its contents are provided "as is" and without warranties, including future performance. Duezerodue S.r.l. excludes, to the extent permitted by law, any warranty. Please note that access to the site may be temporarily suspended, due to (i) the maintenance of hardware and / or software of the website or server, and/or (ii) the maintenance of hardware, software and/or publication or the site, and/or (iii) the occurrence of an event of force majeure. The possibility of temporary or permanent unavailability of the site may not under any circumstances give rise to a claim for damages or other remedies. Duezerodue S.r.l. We reserve the right to change, at any time and without notice, the content of this website. Furthermore, Duezerodue S.r.l. disclaims any liability for any delay, error or omission in the content of these pages, as well as in the event of interruption or non-availability of the service. Duezerodue S.r.l. can not be held responsible for any decision taken on the basis of information contained in this site, or the use of such information could be made by third parties. Any person wishing to make use of one or more services presented on this site is invited to contact Duezerodue S.r.l. to inquire about the conditions of contract and tariff applicable to that (or those) service (s). Access to certain persons or countries services presented on the site may be subject to restrictions. Where the law of the country of origin, or another country that regards, prohibits a person using services such as those provided by the site, Duezerodue S.r.l. refuse the provision of such services. However, it is the responsibility of every person concerned be sure in advance, at his usual advisers, his legal status and tax allows you to subscribe to services presented on the site. The user is responsible for the content that the same places on the site and agrees to indemnify Duezerodue S.r.l. for any damage that may arise to the same result in the violation by the same intellectual property rights, copyrights and all other rights of Duezerodue S.r.l. or third parties.

    4. Hyperlinks
    The site contains hypertext links that allow access to sites that are not published by Duezerodue S.r.l. Consequently, the latter can not be held responsible for the content of sites to which visitors have access. The creation of hypertext links to the site will be subject to prior authorization by Duezerodue S.r.l.

    5. Governing Law
    The content of this site is subject to the legislation applicable in Italy. The user acknowledges the jurisdiction of the Italian courts regarding the content and use of the Site or for any possible appeal to affect them.
    Document updated in June 2013.

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