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    Not Italian citizens

    According to the last Census ISTAT in 2011, the number of foreign nationals in Italy has almost tripled, from 1,3 million people in 2001 to 4,3 milioni in 2011.
    Even shifting the focus on businesses, ethnic groups is a valuable resource, without which there would be 2,600 less enterprises in one year.

    Number of not Italian citizens legally present:
    less than half a million in 1990 and more than 5 million in 2011.

    All international companies (including S.r.l. and S.p.A.):
    more than 41,000, almost 14% of the total in Milan.

    Business Sectors with not Italian majority:
    22 of the total, 40 of SMEs.

    International diplomatic missions in Italy:
    576 representing 165 countries.

    Not Italian citizens are the new ‘it’ consumers in Italy: this target group is integrated into Italian society; it has strong purchasing power and increases demand on the Italian market. Demand that today is often not satisfied on one hand, due to the lack of promotion directed toward and focused on not Italian citizens, and on the other hand, because of a lack of appropriate communication tools, and language barriers.

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