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    Application potential

    The application is aimed at international populations present and resident in Italy, with institutional solidity ensured by cooperation with Consulates and Embassies in Italy.

    Moreover, thanks to the free availability of the download and the presence of the different languages, the diffusion of the application is specifically concentrated on international citizens already living in Italy or who are willing to settle soon in this country.

    In this way, corporate sponsors and investors have the opportunity to convey advertising messages through a communication channel, which will allow them to go directly to the ethnic target. It is possible to strike a part of consumers and entrepreneurs growing in the Italian territory, which will reach its peak in the 6 months of the Expo Milano 2015.

  • The opportunities of geo-localization

    Web research is more and more focused on the local dimension.

    For all those companies whose business is linked to the local territory (small businesses, chain stores, individual stores, etc.) it is essential to have a presence and be easy to find.

    In a world where user searches are refined based on physical location, it is crucial to ensure this aspect of your business is accurate, down to the smallest detail.

    Showing up in searches and being part of local search tools means increasing your chances of being found by people interested in your products potential new clients - potential new clients.

    The plus offered by Extra Milano® is that the search can be conducted in the user’s native language.

  • A useful tool for Institutions

    The application designed by Duezerodue provides a space dedicated to official information of the various Consulates and Embassies.
    The user, in fact, after choosing the nation, has a suite of useful tools of an institutional nature. There are 40 Countries with content in 21 languages.

    The Consulates and Embassies can send “push” notifications directly in the smartphones of users who, in this way, they always have at hand all the official information.
    With this powerful communication tool, Consulates and Embassies can manage and organize in a much simpler, for example, days devoted to paperwork and communicate to his fellow citizens in Italy all the cultural initiatives promoted by the institutions.

    The user have a double information tool: contents from own Country and news from Italy.

    Addition, the geo-location allows Consulates and Embassies to know, more precisely, the number of compatriots in Italy and their geographical distribution in the Italian territory. At the same time, it allows users to find interesting services and places around himself.

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